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Boyton Cross

Boyton Cross is a beautiful 5 acre farm reservoir in the middle of the countryside, a few minutes outside Chelmsford. 

The lake is quite deep with over 20ft in places. It is beautifully mature and very tranquil. The overgrown nature of the lake lends itself perfectly to margin fishing, although don't ignore the deeps!

There are approximately 50 carp in the lake with four of those being over 36lbs. The lake record is currently 38lbs 12oz but there are almost certainly fish bigger than that lurking in the lakes depths. It is very unpressured so it isn't unusual for fish to go months, even years without getting caught so we really don't know what the biggest fish is. The two biggest fish in the lake haven't been caught for years. They're not myths though! They are spotted on a regular basis.

Along with the carp are some decent sized pike and big perch.


Please note, there is no night fishing allowed December 1st - February 28th.


The syndicate consists of just 15 members meaning that the lake is very quiet. It also means that it has a lovely old school feel to it. 

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