© Copyright of Cleverley Fisheries.

1) Tickets run from early May to April 30th on all Cleverley Fisheries venues. The draw for swims is 10am on the opening day.
2) The maximum stay on any Cleverley Fisheries venue is 72 hours. (Longer sessions must be booked)
3) The boats are only to be used for snagged fish. Life jackets must be worn whilst in the boat.
4) Bait boats are allowed but must be used sensibly.
5) All carp sacks must have a float attached.
6) Fish must not be sacked in shallow water.
7) Take all of your litter home.
8) The toilets must be left clean and tidy.
9) Braided main-lines are not permitted.
10) Cars must be parked in the designated parking areas. If you drop yur gear behind a swim your car must then go back to the car        park.
11) No permanently fixed leads or bent hooks to be used. (i.e. fox series 5)
12) Maggots are banned on all Cleverley Fisheries waters.
13) Unhooking mats must be of a sensible size and quality.
14) If you leave your tackle at the lake you must return within two hours.
15) No person is allowed to arrive at or leave the lakes between 10:30pm and 5:00am.
16) You may place an item in a swim to reserve it for no longer than 30 minutes. (one swim only)
17) Members can use a maximum of three rods.
18) All members must be in possession of a current EA rod license (2 licences for 3 rods)
19) If you spread your rods out you must move them if someone asks you to.
20) You may only fish the lake or lakes you have paid for.
21) Do not leave your rods unattended.
22) All fish to be returned to the lake.
23) Any cutting of trees or vegetation will be done on work parties or by the bailiffs.
24) No fires.
25) The gate must be kept locked at all times.
26) No guests can stay overnight except for wives and girlfriends.
27) There are no guest tickets available on any Cleverley Fisheries venue.
28) Medi-carp or clinic must be owned and used when necessary.
29) Guns are not allowed on Cleverley Fisheries venues.
30) Membership cards must be carried at all times and shown to any bailiff on request.
31) The owners/management reserve the right to add to or change the rules as they deem necessary.
32) No fishing over or under the ropes either side of the barrels.
33) No walking in the out of bounds area. (there are signs in place)
34) Please be aware of the people living in the nearby house. Treat them with respect.

If any of the above rules are broken you stand the chance of being expelled without refund.